40 years ago:

Intermedica - Beirut

Newsletter Q2 1977

Intermedica - Beirut, a medical encyclopedia publishing company, has contracted with us the computerization of its General Accounts.

30 years ago:

Litex Bank - Beirut
Esquimau SA- Paris

Newsletter Q2 1987

Litex Bank - Beirut, a Bulgarian Bank, has selected ICBS for its computerization.

Esquimau SA- Paris, a ready to wear manufacturing company, has selected IMAD for the computerization of its operations.

20 years ago:

AXA - Riyadh, Dubaļ
SWISS LIFE - Budapest

Newsletter Q2 1997

AXA, the leading French insurance group, has selected CIRIS for its Saudi and Emirati subsidiaries. CIRIS, updated, is still managing AXA's operations in these countries.

SWISS LIFE - Budapest, selected LIRIS to manage its Life business. This choice comes after the successful implementation of LIRIS at Swiss Life - Holland in Amsterdam.

10 years ago:

BLOM Development Bank - Beirut
AROPE - Syria- Damascus

Newsletter Q2 2007

BLOM Development Bank - Beirut, an Islamic bank part of the BLOM group, has chosen ICBS Islamic for its computerization. ICBS is also deployed at BLOM Bank in France, Great Britain, Romania, Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah and Syria.

AROPE - Syria (Syria International Insurance) - Damascus, has selected LIRIS for its Life operations. AROPE - Syria is also a user of CIRIS (IARD).